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Boerne Chamber of Commerce Committees


Mission Statement

The Boerne Chamber of Commerce Committees are committed to strengthen and support businesses in the community by promoting strong strategic relationships, leadership development and education.



The Boerne Chamber of Commerce has six committees, each with its own strategies and initiatives.

  • The Builders and Realtors Connection group meets to work toward improving the housing finance system, analyze  economic and consumer trends. The Chamber seeks to educate, train and disseminate information to housing industry business professionals through the greater Boerne region.
  • The Healthcare Connection Committees' purpose is to foster business and professional development relationships through regular meetings for the purpose of improving patience care while supporting community partners in healthcare.  Members educate the group about their unique skills, products and services and actively refer patients to each other. A member must work in a direct patient care setting.
  • The Non-Profit Committee's supports the unique interests of our non-profit member community to develop a strong, vital community that enhances and supports the quality of life and growth of the region.. A member must be an executive director or hold a leadership role with their non-profit organization.
  • The Scholarship Committee manages the logistics of the scholarship application and its processes, the review and selection of the annual recipients, and the presentation and promotion of the scholarship monies. The Chamber currently offers a total of 3 scholarships. The John P. Ebner Scholarship, Aubrey E. "Sandy" Sanderson and Laurie Bushong Lang Scholarships are funded through the Annual Awards Gala and Annual Golf Tournament.
  • The Senior Services Networking Committee is responsible for the development and review of the Chamber’s involvement in strengthening aging services for senior citizens by increasing visibility and effectiveness of its senior programs. The members meet to provide education, training, guidance and advocacy to the senior community.
  • The Parenting Resources Networking Committee's mission is to foster business and professional development relationships through regular meetings for the purpose of creating a parent-friendly community that supports and engages the value of that demographic. Members educate the group about their unique products and services while actively referring clients to each other. This group is open not to the parents, but to those businesses who serve parents, families and youth in some fashion.

Committees and Staff Member Responsible for Council

Member and Staff Responsible for the six Committees are as follows: 

  • Builder and Realtors Connection - Robin Morris and Co-Chair Brent Holmes Realtor of Phyllis Browning Co. with Kim Blohm of the Boerne Chamber.
  • Healthcare Connections - Dr. Leigh Ann Greenberg, RPh of Annie's Apothecary and Co-Chair Colin Stuart of Cibolo Family Medicine with Kim Blohm of the Boerne Chamber.
  • Leads Group - Wednesdays: Lisa Stanley of Caldwell Banker, D'Ann Harper Realtor; Thursdays: Melissa Barringer of the Boerne Chamber.
  • Nonprofit Committee - Staci Almager of Hill Country Family Services with Steely Lott of the Boerne Chamber.
  • Scholarship Committee - Jo Lynn Fisher of Ebensberger-Fisher Funeral Home with Holly Rodriguez of the Boerne Chamber.
  • Senior Services Networking - Shedell Giddens of Alamo Hospice with Kim Blohm of the Boerne Chamber.
  • Parenting Resources Networking - Jena Craig of Jena Craig Photography, Tiffany Jureczki of St. Helena's Episcopal Church & School, and Alecia Martin of Bunny Tales Ultrasound & Boutique with Kim Blohm of the Boerne Chamber.