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Trump Signs COVID 19 Relief Bill 900 BClear Rectangle Vertical SpacerDec 2020 COVID Relief Package









Dec 21 202 Rules Comm House Amendment HR 133

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Texas COVID-19 Vaccine LocationsClear Rectangle Vertical SpacerCOVID-19 Vaccine Info





Clear Rectangle Vertical SpacerCibolo Family Medicine COVID Testing Image









September 6th, 2021 KC Emergency Mgmt COVID-19 Case Count














July 2 TX Governor Face Coverings Executive Order Video LinkClear Rectangle Vertical SpacerJune 26 TX Governor Issues Exec Order Limiting Certain Biz









How to Make a Facemask at Home Video ImageClear Rectangle Vertical SpacerCOVID-19 Explained & What You Should Do Video Image










Cloth Face Coverings Q&A Image LinkClear Rectangle Vertical SpacerApart We Stand Together Link Image









10 Things to Manage COVID-19 at Home Image

Clear Rectangle Vertical SpacerCDC 6 Steps to Prevent COVID-19 Image









COVID-19 What Older Adults Need to Know

Clear Rectangle Vertical Spacer15 Days to Stop the Spread of COVID-19 Video Link Image









CDC COVID-19 Symptoms

Clear Rectangle Vertical SpacerApril 15 City of Boerne Public Emergency Declaration Extension









COVID-19 Symptoms vs Flu & Cold Image

Clear Rectangle Vertical SpacerBasics on How to Stay Home Safely Link









CDC Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Home Link

Clear Rectangle Vertical SpacerFEMA COVID-19 Resources Link Image









TX Health & Human Services Help Line

Clear Rectangle Vertical SpacerDSHS Guidelines for Reopening of Retail Services









Local Testing Sites Link Image

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Texas, United States and Global COVID-19 Case Count Links


Texas COVID-19 Case Counts LinkClear Rectangle Vertical SpacerUS COVID-19 Case Count Link Image









Gloabal COVID-19 Case Count Link ImageClear Rectangle Vertical Spacer

April 15 DSHS Region 8 COVID-19 Update

















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